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Good Food Concept Worli, Mumbai 400018.
Working hours: Monday - Sunday, 10:00-22:00
Greek salad with mix greens, veggies and feta in lemon dressing
Fresh pear, walnut and arugula salad with orange dressing
Asian pair, shitake and water chestnut salad with greens and mustard dressing
Edamame, water chestnuts, pomegranate salad with lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato and balsamic vinaigrette
Quinoa and apple salad with cucumber, tomato & lettuce
Mediterranean couscous & pickle beetroots salad with olives, roasted almonds & garlic dressing
Dukkha salad with roasted vegetables, cucumber, avocado & Mediterranean spice
Thai crunchy vegetable salad with creamy peanut dressing
Raw papaya & red chili salad with roasted peanuts, beans, tomato & spring greens
Beetroot, orange, goat cheese salad with baby spinach and citrus dressing
Vegetable noodles salad with wasabi dressing and sesame seeds
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