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Good Food Concept Worli, Mumbai 400018.
Working hours: Monday - Sunday, 10:00-22:00
Inspired by beautiful seasonal ingredients, our menus ensure current food trends are considered and broad appeal is delivered.

Our menus are tailored to you, your guests and style of occasion. From international food stalls to elegant canapés receptions and classic three-course dining. Our menus reflect the seasons and current food trends with quality ingredients and unique presentation.

World Class
PAN Asian Food

India has its versions of oriental cuisine, and it is jaw-dropping. However, a significant portion of the dishes goes unnoticed as the mainstream delicacies hog the spotlight. GFC serves some of the best oriental food in Mumbai, making sure to use proper, exotic ingredients.

Super Delicious
European Food

Continental food screams elegance, grace and subtle flavours. There are not many continental food caterers in Mumbai who can get the flavours right. The lack of proper ingredients and training causes continental cuisine to suffer massive injustice in India. However, at GFC, we honour every dish enough to make it the ideal way. 

Middle East Food

India has a few dishes inspired from middle eastern cuisines, but noting the entraps the deliciousness completely. Several food outlets claim to have famous middle east food in Mumbai, but GFC takes the trophy for maintaining authenticity in their cuisine.

Indian Food

Indian cuisine is so diverse that one could spend years exploring all the dishes. Most Indian food caterers in Mumbai, unfortunately, stay within strict boundaries dictated by regional specialities. At GFC, we open ourselves to all the Indian cuisines to ensure that we can cater to every client in our country.

Yashi Jain

Simply divine! Such impeccable service and most importantly the taste was incredible. Highly recommend Good Food Concept! They truly live upto their name!

Jhalak Shah

Great food, amazing service and super friendly staff!! They’ll help you customise everything and support you from the start to end. Truly an amazing gourmet catering service!

Bespoke Food
breakfast - lunch - dinner
Enjoy both veg or non-veg hors d’oeuvre, appetizer or starter
Get healthy with mixed raw or cooked vegetables with dressing.
Indulge in our innovative meal consisting of several courses
Satisfy your cravings with our mouth watering desserts
let us
Tantalize your taste buds
A touch of perfection, blended with innovation, our goal is to provide you and your guests with an exquisite culinary experience.
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Good Food Concept
Worli, Mumbai 400018, India.